Once upon a time I was an eager and enthusiastic art student,with a lifetime of painting to look forward to...

But no one tells you that life as an artist, painting alone, day after day, can be pretty lonely. So with friends tales of the wonders of London and a desire to be with people again,the paint brushes were locked away and I was on my way to the big smoke. Making my mark in Public Relations meant there was never enough time for painting. That combined with the effort to find space in my minute studio flat. So alas my poor paint brushes remaind locked away.

A year away travelling the wonders of Australia and New Zealand meant life was like living in a bubble. No stress of work or responsiblity, and all but a backpack to worry about. And of course I couldn't exactly carry arround paints, brushes and canvases, so yet another year passed without a proper painting to my name.

Now back in the UK full time and permanently (she says not entirely convinced it will be forever..) I am determined to get art and painting back into my life. A year back in the UK I am I have my little cottage, a full time job, and life that is good... so really I don't have any excuse not to paint...right?

So here is my website of work from University, life as a painter the year after University and more excitingly work from now! Please take a look around, and if anything takes your fancy then just let me know!

Suzie x

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